Clare Health Centre

Healthcare services for the residents of the Municipality of Clare and surrounding areas.


Due largely to the generosity of the community and their fundraising efforts, key medical equipment for the Clare Health Centre has been purchased. The Clare Health Centre Foundation, in carrying out its mandate, will ensure the continued maintenance and enhancement of the services and equipment, while addressing the long term needs of future equipment.

TELE-HEALTH UNITApprox. Cost $15,000.00
This is a confidential videoconferencing unit which allows patients to connect to outside agencies eliminating the necessity to travel to Halifax. Currently it is mostly being utilized by the IWK, NS Rehabilitation services, Integrated Chronic Care Services and the Cardio-vascular clinic.
BLADDER SCANNERCost $18,000.00
An incredibly valuable tool used to make diagnoses associated with urine retention or other conditions. As an ultrasonic device, it is used to measure the urine levels in the bladder. A great benefit of using this scanner is the prevention of unnecessary catheterization.
SLIT LAMPCost $10,000.00
This specialized lamp may be used to better visualize an eye injury, foreign body in the eye or other eye conditions.
EMERGENCY / SMALL PROCEDURES ROOMCosts: Table: $15,000.00 / Light: $2,000.00
This room has much utilization and contains life saving equipment (Lifepak) as well as equipment to assist with minor surgeries and suturing. The specialized table (bed) and surgical lamp ensures correct positioning and adequate lighting. As a result, many procedures can be carried out by the group of on-site providers thus reducing the need for surgeon referral and emergency room visits.
TRU BPCost $12,000.00
The TruBP machine records three blood pressures on you at different intervals over a period of about 10 mins. Having more than one reading done in this manner gives a more accurate reading than having just one single reading done, especially for those individuals who tend to have a higher blood pressure when they walk into the office.
SPOT VITALCost $2,600.00
If you have come in to see the on-call doctor, you will have benefited from this piece of equipment. The staff uses this piece of equipment to do your blood pressure, record your pulse and record you oxygen level before you see the doctor.
DEFIBILLATORApprox. Cost $22,000.00
Used to defibrillate patients in the case of cardiac arrests. We often use it to monitor patients with chest pain, irregular rhythms and for doing cardiograms. Our unit is over 10 yrs old and this will need to be replaced in the near future as technologies change and improve.
24H B.P. MONITORCost $3,000.00
For most patients, this test would have to be done in Yarmouth or in Digby. This test can be set-up for you at the Clare Health Centre. It records and analyzes numerous readings in a 24 hour period even when you are asleep. The results will help your provider identify high or low blood pressure and help in the management of your condition.
LIFEPAKCost $25,000.00
The Lifepak is a combination defibrillator and ECG (electrocardiogram) machine. The defibrillation portion of this apparatus is potentially lifesaving. Your provider may also utilize the Lifepak to do an electrocardiogram. Electrocardiograms can help quickly identify serious heart conditions/rhythm disturbances that need immediate action or if not serious, can reassure the patient and avoid a trip to the hospital.

Future Needs

  • Sterilization system replacement  – $8,000.00

  • Defibrillation replacement – $25,000.00

  • Replacement of various items as equipment reaches end of life cycle

  • Envision establishment of group visits for patients to access various exercise equipment

Ways To give

Staff and Doctors


The Clare Health Centre Foundation has proudly facilitated the purchase of key medical equipment for the Clare Health Centre.



Events help raise awareness while providing tremendous support to the Clare Health Centre Foundation.


Ways To Give

Giving is not just about a donation, it’s about making a difference for the betterment of the whole community.